IQOS – HEETS Russet Selection Tobacco Sticks

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HEETS Tobacco sticks are designed to be used in the IQOS Heat Not Burn System, simply insert the HEETS stick into the IQOS holder and press the button until a LED light begins to blink. By using real tobacco instead of traditional E-liquid, IQOS deliver a more familiar and satisfying taste experience.

Each HEETS packet consists of 20 specially crafted Tobacco sticks designed for use with IQOS Devices and Kits.

Each HEETS stick can be enjoyed for approximately 6 minutes, or 14 puffs (depending on usage), which is similar to that of a cigarette.

Russet Selection – Prominent Flavour(s): A Full-Bodied Blend, rich toasted tobacco blend with malty aromas.

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