Smok Morph 219W E-Cigarette Kit

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The Smok Morph 219W Kit is the latest Vape kit to land from Smok. Featuring 219W of Power with firing speeds of as fast as 0.001s and a 1.9 inch Touch Screen Mod. The Morph Mod is complemented with the latest Smok Tank, the TFV Mini V2 Tank, a top fill 2ml Tank boasting new Baby S1 or S2 Mesh Coils enabling better vapour production and immense flavour.

Which coils fit the Smok Morph 219W E-Cigarette Kit?

The coils compatible with the Smok Morph 219W E-Cigarette Kit are the Baby S1 or S2 Mesh Coils coils and the tank also is compatible with the Baby V2 A1 Coil has a super large heating area, the Baby V2 A2 Coil that has dual heating cores and the Baby V2 A3 that has triple cores.

Please Note: This product does not come with batteries included.

More Details

Smok Morph Kit

The Smok Morph 219 Vape kit is the latest Sub-Ohm vaping device to hit the shelves with exemplary craftsmanship packed with the latest advanced technologies from within the vaping industry.

With an improved inner IQ-S Chip improving firing time to no more than 0.001 seconds, this kit will be sure to keep you vaping with no ramp up time whatsoever. A 1.9” touch screen will offer you convenient operation whilst its 219W wattage range will satisfy the cloud chasers amongst us.

The latest improved Smok vape tank, the TFV-Mini V2 Tank included in this kit with a 2ml EU TPD Compliant capacity offers two powerful coils (BF- Mesh 0.25 Ohm - Mesh) to improve flavour and produce immense clouds.

Smok Morph 219 5 Colour Options

The Smok Morph Kit comes in the option of 5 different colour variations which are shown below


Reminiscing of the famous Smok Alien Kit (RHA220W), the Morph 219 kit flows with similar features of striking lines with bold colours cutting through the 219 Watt mod inlaid with exquisite IML Resin back. The Morph 219 is the perfect combination of classic style and modern trend. With a glossy finish and inlaid resin back, the Morph 219 has fully improved its performance and elegance of it predecessor, the Alien Kit.

The Smok Morph Kit is fitted with the following accessories and features.

Smok Morph Mod and TFV-Mini V2 Tank Specification:

Touch Screen

With a newly upgraded user interface by Smok, and a responsive 1.9” touch screen, the Morph Kit is a brilliance of technology advancing the latest generations of Mods by providing clear and detailed vaping information from VW/TC MODE, vaping effect, voltage, battery level and much more!

Secondary Fire Button

The Smok morph Kit comes equipped with a secondary key to lock/unlock as well as light up/black out the 1.9” touch screen. Whilst vaping, the touch function on the Morph kit will automatically lock, to unlock, simply long press the secondary key.

219W output power

Powered by two 18650 Batteries the Smok Morph Kit has a firing power of 219 Watts, with an ergonomically designed firing button located on the left side of the Morph Mod.

Multiple Protections

Avoid any risks with the fully safety equipped Smok Morph 219 Kit.

The Morph Kit supports both charging and firmware updates through the USB Port located on the mod.

Smok TFV - Tank Coil Options

The Smok Morph Kit TFV - Mini V2 Tank (EU 2ml Edition) offers two coil variations to suit a variety of vaping options.

TF Tank BF-Mesh Coil included in your kit has a resistance of 0.25 Ohms with a large mesh heating area to offer the best flavour out of your favourite E-liquid at a wattage range of 30 -80W and best rated at 60/70W.

The optional coils for this tank are the TF Tank Ceramic Coil with a resistance of 0.5 Ohms allowing for extremely durable and intense flavour at a wattage range of 30-60 Watts.


With a range of colour options, you can customise your TFV Mini V2 tank with a host of resin Drip Tips to suit your liking.

Higher Tank Base

The newly designed Smok TF Tank offers a larger base for improved airflow intake for a greater vapour and flavour production.

Top Refill System

The top rotary filling style of the TF Tank makes filling very easy and the leak proof slot can significantly reduce the chance of the tank leaking.

Questions and Answers

What makes a sub ohm tank?

First of all, let's clarify what Ohms are. An ohm is the measure of electrical resistance of the coil inside an atomizer or tank. It is normally shown using this symbol - Ω. The more wraps a coil has and the thinner said wire is, the higher the resistance and fewer, thicker wraps of wire tend to be a lower resistance. Any atomizer coil with a resistance bellow 1.00 ohms such as (0.50, 0.15, etc.) is a sub ohm coil.

What are the best liquid to use on DTL devices?

DTL (Drirect To Lung or most commonly known as Sub-Ohm) devices are better used with VG-based E-Liquids, as they are much thicker than PG based liquids, and more intense than MTL. They are also best used with a lower nicotine strength, increasing the flavour production. Direct-To-Lung tanks use thicker e-liquids, like those comprised of 60% VG or higher percentages. This delivers a lower throat hit, as well as an enhanced flavour.

What's the difference between voltage and wattage?

Voltage is the direct current given out by the battery and the wattage is the measure of power distributed to the coil from the battery. Wattage can be changed easily using a variable wattage device. More importantly, Voltage will take all the set power the user has defined in the menu and send all of it through the coil. Variable Wattage on the other hand uses the coil's resistance as a guideline and takes the Ohms into consideration, ensuring too much power is not sent to the coil causing it to fail. VW is used in every single regulated device today as it is the most popular form of adjustment.

How long can a battery last, and what chargers should i use?

Ideally you want to use the compatible charger provided with the purchase kit, at all times. The reason for this is if a charger that is not compatible to the device is used, too much current goes into the batteries, meaning they can overheat and eventually stop functioning. Battery capacities vary from each device; they will indicate an mAh, which essentially is the battery capacity. Usually after a 6 months use, the capacity within the battery starts to decrease, making the battery life last less.

What is the temperature control range on a device?

Some mods have temperature control modes - the range shows the temperature that the coils will heat up to when the product is in use. This is normally between 200°C- 250°C / 392°F – 480°F although it tends to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The great thing about a temperature control mod, is the ability to fine tune the best temperature for a coil. For instance, a temperature can be set for a particular coil and the device will do it's best to stay within that set temperature range. Some vapers enjoy a cooler or warmer vape and the TC mode allows them to fine tune their vape.

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